Motorcycle Tour 2017

Here you will find a daily update of the tour, notes, hopefully photographs and maps. An overview map of the proposed routes is here. A map of the actual tracks ridden is here. I’m hoping, probably not in real time but after we get home, to geotag the photographs in the galleries. The day pages begin with descriptions  from the Edelweiss tour book. Each page has a feature photograph across the top showing the city we’ll be staying in that night. Rest days might show a feature area or cultural highlight.

Some of the named stops or highlights have embedded links. Click on the blue text to be taken to the Wiki page. The markers on the map also contain the link to the named page.

Some of the reasons we tend to continue using Edelweiss are modern equipment, very nice accommodations, good attention to detail, very good food choices (so far) and a very high level of support. Having the support van carry your luggage every day means much less stress every morning. When you get to the next stop on the trip, your luggage is in your room. During the few hours you have before dinner, one of the guides will be checking over the bikes, inspecting oil levels, tire pressure etc. It’s a luxury to be able to just ride and leave all of the details to someone else!  We’ll be riding a late model BMW R1200 GS, probably a liquid cooled model. I’ve ridden this bike in Europe the last two tours we’ve done and feel it’s a perfect choice, so much so I bought one after our first experience with it.

Well dear friends, it’s been a busy few days. No verbiage as of yet but a few pictures in the Motorcycle Gallery that span our departure hotel, the 2 days we spent on Hvar (Roman ruins), and our run to Split. Today we are in Vodice with plans to visit the national park tomorrow. Stay tuned.





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  1. Oh this is just like reading a good book!! We are enjoying this very much, reading your descriptions and seeing the beautiful photos. Keep ’em coming, but not at the expense of your missing out on good times! Safe travels!

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