And we’re off!!

The individual routes can be toggled on or off using the menu at the bottom of the map. Scrolling and zoom controls are included, zoom at the top left corner of the map. Click and drag for scrolling. Once we start the tour, I’ll update the Tracks Page with our progress and notes. Days two and five are rest or optional riding days days. Most often they’re in an area that has historical or cultural significance. The loops shown on these days are suggestions only. The exception to this rule, and there’s one every tour, is the optional ride on Day five. Only 350 km (220 miles) for most of us that’s not even a full day. Trust me, it will be 6 to 8 hours of very intense technical riding at speed. This is the testosterone run and riders are warned at the morning meeting that the pace will be elevated, rest and photo stops limited, and lunch will be optional. I usually skip this one and spend the day exploring with my dear wife. We’ll be doing the short loop to the National Park. 🙂

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