Italy 2018

Ok, Ok I know. I still have a ton of work to do on the Croatia blog but I’m afraid it’s once more into the breach.

It’s been decided that my birthday this year should be spent on the Amalfi coast, riding a motorcycle of course. First though, we’ll spend about 5 days in Rome doing tourist stuff. We plan to spend a few days in Rome at the end of the motorcycle tour as well. When we casually mentioned our plans to some friends we got a pleasant surprise, well two actually. Our dear friends the Baileys were planning to be in that area of Italy about the same time and some motorcycle riding friends from New Mexico expressed an interest in joining us. Connie and Jeff Kahn are joining us for the trip, motorcycle tour included, Colleen and Brian Bailey are finishing their walking tour of the Amalfi coast a day before we arrive in that part of the world on the bikes. The result is a birthday dinner for 6 in the village of Meta at Tavernetta Cinquantotto

From here, Jeff, Connie, and ourselves continue on our tour, Brian and Colleen are off to Greece to explore Crete.  

Reservations are made, airfare purchased, hotels booked and bags are packed (almost) 😉 Now we just have to survive the next 5 days.

Link to the Rome Page

Link to the Motorcycle Tour Page


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